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Atoosa Grey is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. She has released one EP and three CD’s: Out of the Jar, Sound Travels Up, Night of the Deep Bloom, and most recently When the Cardinals Come. She has performed nationally and contributed music to several independent films.

Her poems have appeared on Fat City Review, The Best American Poetry Blog, Eunoia Review, and in Common Ground Review. She has received a 2nd place prize in the Paul Violi Poetry Contest.

Atoosa is also a piano teacher with her own studio in Brooklyn, NY.


Combining the open wound delivery of Patty Griffin with the breezy elegance of Deadstar’s Caroline Kennedy, Atoosa Grey is a singer/songwriter of tremendous talent. On her fourth full-length effort, When The Cardinals Come, the New Yorker takes a long look at love, desire and all the closed-fisted miles the heart has to travel by itself before it can finally open.
-Alex Green, Caught in the Carousel

When The Cardinals Come seems to dwell in the chasm that exists between hope and hopeless melancholy. Atoosa Grey manages to pluck all the strands of tragic beauty from the cloth that binds these two states and weaves them into elegant musical vignettes. It isn’t necessarily an album you’ll play incessantly when you first buy it, but I suspect it’s one of those albums you’ll still have and play regularly ten or twenty years from now; the musical version of a fine wine. – Wildy’s World Read full review.

“Atoosa Grey’s fourth album, When the Cardinals Come, balances lush poetry and soundscapes with clear, simple and straightforward delivery. Filled with imagery of the natural world and the journeys of the heart, Atoosa’s songs capture the articulate sweetness of Lucy Kaplansky crossed with the twangy quirk of Neko Case.” – Heather Green, Lyrical Venus

Sound Travels Up Review: A self-produced CD, it is very professional, with a raft of help, from sax to cello. This CD is very strong, and lets us witness the poet that has taken the time to craft such pretty flowers. –

Out of the Jar Review: Sparkling piano, shimmering strings, widely varied percussion, fragile-yet-confident vocals, and heavenly guitar combine and shine in this well-rounded and musically complex CD. The astounding performance would be enough to grab any listener’s attention, but great performance relies on great material. This EP has plenty of it. The songs are beautifully crafted and intricate, but the most remarkable components are the piano, string, and vocal arrangements. The unexpected layers of melodies and harmonies swirl through each other in a near-celestial manner. This lush and specific style of music also does a great job of honoring influences of the past while joining the circle of current folk pop favorites.- CDBaby Magazine


She calls it lyrical folk but I call it creative and delicious! Some of my favorite arrangements I’ve heard in years. She approaches her piano with a wonderful un-cliched blank slate. It brings out the sincerity, to let you know before she even starts singing that every word and note is intentional, and isn’t just settling for the common chord.
-Derek Sivers, Founder,

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