When the Cardinals Come (2009)
Available on iTunes, CDBaby and Bandcamp.

Night of the Deep Bloom
Available on CDBaby.

Sound Travels Up
Available on CDBaby.

Out of the Jar
Available on CDBaby.

2 thoughts on “Music

  1. I was watching a video on YouTube about orchids. There was background music about flowers, which I had never heard before. I thought it was brilliant, one of those pieces of original music one hears every two or three years. But I could not identify the artist. My daughter told me to download Shazam which I did, and used it to find you. After that I bought your album When the Cardinals come. Now a happier man, which is not easy, because I am very happy. Now follow you on Twitter, do not have Facebook. Anyway, I hope you plan to record another album soon. All the best.

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